Ultimate Plan A Blueprint to an International Life

Ultimate Plan A Blueprint to an International Life

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SX International’s Ultimate Plan A Blueprint to an International Life is effectively our expat bible—our digital book that provides a framework for developing a “Plan A” lifestyle— using our strategies and tactics as a jumping-off point to living, working, and investing outside of your home country.


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Many talk about having a “Plan B,” an alternative plan of action should their original plan not work out.


SX International, however, recommends developing a “Plan A” to live life on your terms—now rather than later. Our “Ultimate Plan A Blueprint to an International Life” is the perfect framework to do so—a jumping-off point to living, working and investing outside of your home country. We demystify life as an expat and simplify the strategies and tactics to help you live life on your terms now rather than later when it’s too late.


Think of this unique digital book as a master class series in print, with nine distinctive chapters that have one intent: to serve as a means of unlocking the power of knowledge that will allow you to international your life, work, and investments by design rather than default.


Our co-founder, L. Glenn Lawrence—who has lived, raised a family, and worked as a foreign resident since 2002—presents compelling solutions for living, working, and investing outside of your home country in a comprehensive digital book that will inform, excite, educate, and inspire you to action.


Each chapter covers various essential topics focused on developing your own “Plan A.”


Why Internationalize?

Lifestyle: The Multi-flag Approach

Residency, Visas, Citizenships, and Second Passports

International Banking

Lifestyle Opportunities

Investing Internationally

International Taxation

Doing Business Internationally

Asset Protection

Researching a Plan A Lifestyle


Don’t wait until later; change your worldview now and learn how to integrate an innovative, viable path forward with your own “Plan A” roadmap, using our pragmatic tactical solutions—all described in intelligent, straightforward, no-nonsense terms. SX International’s 300+ page expat bible is an investment in your path forward.

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