Our Story

Our Story

LIFE ON OUR TERMS. We traded New York and Los Angeles, respectively, for a simpler lifestyle for ourselves and families, one which led us to starting a business focused on how others could build a more rewarding life outside of the conventional. Take a look.

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Meet the SX Team

We are start-up entrepreneurs, investment managers, financial risk mitigators, airline pilots, computer scientists, designers, writers, derivative traders, filmmakers, management consultants, researchers, and digital marketers.

L. Glenn Lawrence, Brett Holmes, and the SX team have worked, consulted, and partnered with some of the most admired companies, ventures, and nonprofit causes, doing our best to work under the radar. Collectively, we have lived in, worked from, and traveled to more than 70 countries.  We have served as a trusted background source for news organizations ranging from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR’s Marketplace to BBC, AP, Der Spiegel, and U.S. News and World Report. We’re old-school and have learned firsthand that doing meaningful work on our own terms requires vision, talent, drive, and clients that believe in us every step of the way.

L. Glenn Lawrence

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Director of Editorial and Advisory Services, Sovereign X

Glenn has served discreetly as an investment and financial risk mitigation consultant and corporate lecturer for a who’s who of private global institutional and individual clients since the early 1990s. In 2018, he developed multiple trading models based on proprietary algorithmic systems he had successfully used for private clients since 1998. He spent more than three years backtesting and market testing these trading signals for public use—optimizing them for crypto, precious metals, and other equity assets.


As a consultant and entrepreneur, he has lived and worked outside of the United States for more than 20 years. He and his wife currently reside in southern Spain. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South America for business. He has a degree from the University of Texas at Austin. His two daughters both live and work in New York.

Brett Holmes

Co-Founder, Partner, and Director of Business Development and Client Services, Sovereign X

Brett is a serial entrepreneur and communications strategist offering a unique perspective earned from 30+ years working from Los Angeles, Austin, and San Miguel de Allende. He has started up and turned around several ventures, including the e-commerce venture, iShop, Trelus, a private equity platform, Nulo, a premium pet food, and Toddy, a cold brewed beverage development group. After the dot-com boom in 2001, he moved his family to the mountains of central Mexico, working remotely before it was cool.

Since 2010, he has worked as a consultant for a number of for-profit, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations and ventures in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the UK, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. In addition, he continues to be a discreet source for trends, issues, and opinions for major news organizations. He earned a B.A. in journalism and business at Baylor University and studied at the post-graduate level at U.S.C. Brett has three children—a venture capitalist in San Francisco, and a filmmaker and designer, respectively, both in New York. .

Damon Hart

Partner and Director of Technical Infrastructure and Financial Modeling, SX Signals

Damon is a Greenwich, Connecticut-based commodity trading advisor, programmer, and systems consultant for a boutique investment management group—a seasoned Series 65 registered investment advisor combining deep financial and technology capabilities with extensive operational and team management experience in an entrepreneurial setting.


He is the former founder and managing partner for Raylor, responsible for investments supervision, development, and maintenance of all trading and technology systems and infrastructure, compliance, and risk management for high-wealth individuals and family offices. Damon founded Xplor Capital Management in 2001 in Greenwich, which was combined to form Raylor in 2011. He was a partner at the Millburn Corporation, a leading Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodity Pool Operator (CPO). Damon earned a master of computer science and a B.A. in chemical physics summa cum laude from Rice University.

Jack Cranston

Partner and Adviser, Sovereign X

Jack is an entrepreneur, consultant, investor, and proponent of an international lifestyle and cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat monetary systems.  After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in business at NYU, his first position was as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in New York. He then worked in the financial services industry in Manhattan as a dealer in precious metals and foreign currency, and then for two major investment banks, including as an equity derivatives trader for Goldman Sachs. He has used a nom de plume since 2000 when he became a consultant. In 2001, wanting his children to become bilingual and be educated outside of the U.S., Jack moved his family to San Miguel de Allende. His two daughters both live and work in Geneva.

Karen Kern

Research Analyst, SX Expats

Karen was one of the first female commercial airline pilots in the U.S., a captain for a leading U.S.-based international airline. Her global adventures gave her knowledge and a rich perspective about politics, history, geography, the arts, and the human spirit—learning firsthand that there’s an interesting, extraordinary world outside of the U.S. After early retirement, she studied nursing and became a Registered Nurse.  She earned a degree in physics from Florida State University. Karen has two children in Los Angeles and resides in Spain.

Jody Feagan

Director, Content Development and Women's Initiatives Sovereign X

Jody specializes in working with women interested in creating their best lives, wherever in the world that may be. With more than 20 years of writing and research experiencing, and more than a decade living, working, and raising children as an expat, Jody helps women navigate the challenges and opportunities of life, particularly as expats. Before Sovereign X, she founded and was the former director of the San Miguel Writers Conference and Literary Festival in San Miguel de Allende, where she lived and raised her three children. She also co-founded 100 Women Who Care in San Miguel and Santa Fe, which raises funds for local, non-profit organizations. Jody has a journalism degree from the University of Kansas.

Adam Hammock

Director, Technology Design and Operations, Sovereign X

Adam is a Tulsa-based project management and technology design consultant. He collaborated to develop and design the Sovereign X platform. He is also a former business intelligence analyst at NextGuest in New York, an award-winning digital marketing strategies agency specializing in the hospitality space. Adam earned a B.S. in business administration in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises from Oklahoma State University and a B.S. in management and operations from the University of Hertfordshire.

Renato Escalante

Web Developer Sovereign X

Renato has served as an independent electronic and print designer since 2013. For three years, he served as the brand and product design lead of Draco Studios, which he co-founded, focused on elements of design including packaging, website, printed, video production, branded content, and business practices. He earned a degree in Design from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He has professional accreditations from Google (user experience), Harvard University (computer science), Rice University (interactive programming), and Universidad Iberoamericana/Hewlett-Packard (IT administration). He is fluent in Spanish and certified B2 and C1 levels, respectively, in German and English. He resides in Mexico City.

Soco Aguilar

Video Content Editor and Producer, Sovereign X

A native of Mexico City, Soco is an award-winning filmmaker based in San Miguel de Allende. She worked as a documentary producer for PBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel from 1992-2000 in San Francisco. She won the Ariel (Mexico’s equivalent to the Oscar) for best animated feature, her first feature film production. Universal Pictures distributed her two other features. In 2020, The New Yorker named the first film Soco helped produce (Lourdes Portillo´s “The Devil Never Sleeps”) one of the top films that shaped documentary filmmaking. She also serves as an adjunct film professor at Monterrey Institute of Technology. Soco studied communications at Universidad Iberoamericana and Stanford and earned a B.A. from San Francisco State University. Her three children study film, business, and aerospace engineering, respectively, in Mexico City.

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