Live, work, and invest on your terms

using one platform with two very different brands.

Live, work, and invest on your terms using one platform with two very different channels

I am an


wanting to take advantage
of an international lifestyle.

I am a

Crypto Investor

wanting to change the way
manage volatility.

ONE ONLINE PLATFORM. TWO BRANDS. Gain user-friendly information to live, work, and invest on your terms.

CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE. We demystify life as an expat, helping you identify and simplify the right strategies—actionable, easy-to-digest solutions—for living and working anywhere in the world.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU INVEST AND TRADE.  We show you how to use our time-tested trading signals and analysis to manage volatility in the crypto space— turning your greatest risk into your best asset and earning superior returns.

Our Story

LIFE ON OUR TERMS. We traded New York and Los Angeles, respectively, for a simpler lifestyle for ourselves and our families—one which led us to start a business focused on how you can build a more rewarding life outside of the conventional. Take a look.

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SX Expats Featured Digital Products

  • Expat 101 Series: Selecting the Right Country for You—Country Resilience Index

  • Meet 10 Women Who Created the Life They Really Wanted as an Expat

  • The SX Country Series | Mexico

  • Achieving “Plan A”: The Ultimate Roadmap to Life as an Expat

Trading Models*

*Starting in fall 2022, SX Wealth | Advisory Services will offer models, signals, and analysis for the top 50 cryptocurrencies

Your 60-day test drive includes a one-on-one consultation via Zoom with L. Glenn Lawrence. LEARN MORE >

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