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Get a true edge in the Crypto markets

Our proprietary trading signals and analysis show you how to turn volatility into your greatest asset.

TAKE A RISK-FREE, 60-DAY TEST DRIVE. SX Signals™ VolatilityEdge© powers institutional-grade research and proprietary trading signal systems and technical indicators, providing human-curated briefings, advanced trading analysis, and actionable next steps to turn crypto’s volatility into your greatest asset.

The most glaring difference between the worlds of trading-as-usual and trading-by-design is one’s fundamental approach to market analysis and trading, which often lacks a proven, sustainable competitive “edge.”


Too many investors make the mistake of using traditional “buy and hold” strategies—using their own crystal ball to make sense of the market’s volatility. 


As on-demand or retained consultants, we can provide tailored solutions related to  

  1. trend, volatility, and relative strength analysis;
  2. risk-based portfolio management;
  3. trade performance analysis;
  4. option training and analysis;
  5. designing a comprehensive trading program;
  6. research and development of customized market, performance, and risk metrics, tactical/dynamic asset allocation; and
  7. customized software development. 

The SX Signals team includes co-founder, L. Glenn Lawrence, a leading authority who has served a who’s who of private global institutional and individual clients since the early 1990s.

He developed SX Signals’ VolatilityEdge technical trading methodology, a systematic way to buy and sell crypto, using the equity market models he has successfully used for private clients since 1998.

SX Signals partner Damon Hart is a Greenwich, Connecticut-based commodity trading advisor, programmer, and systems expert.    

For more information, write Brett Holmes at [email protected].

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