The SX Country Series | New Zealand

The SX Country Series | New Zealand


Sovereign X International answers, “Will New Zealand suit me as an expat?”—focusing on essential topics such as lifestyle, resiliency, cost of living, healthcare, and immigration rules.

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This SX International country series report will help you answer the question, “Will New Zealand suit me as an expat?” This propriety report is sourced, curated, and written by Sovereign X’s team (all who have live, worked, and raised children as expats). The report provides objective information to understand better if New Zealand meets your wants, needs, and requirements. This 40+ page report presents a brief yet comprehensive look at New Zealand’s defining characteristics and advantages and disadvantages for expats.

All country reports focus on essential topics (including a menu of relevant data and metrics) ranging from lifestyle and resiliency to climate, human development, and cost of living. Our reports also focus on politics and governance, healthcare, the economy, the environment, and, importantly, immigration rules and opportunities.

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