Sovereign X launches public Beta platform

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (March 4, 2022)—Sovereign X (SX) announced the release of its public Beta platform ( SX utilizes a unique one-platform, two-channel approach geared to audiences interested in crypto technical trading and/or expat and international living.

SX Wealth provides premium subscription advisory services that include innovative technical models and indicators, trading signals, and real-time market analysis for the crypto market. SX International delivers digital products to prospective expats interested in living and working abroad. Both channels offer consulting services and will release separate Master Class series this year.

The platform has been in development since late 2018. Until now, SX’s free and premium digital content, products, and services have been available to a private group of Beta users. However, products and services can be purchased or reserved during its public Beta. 

SX Wealth— Your life. Your assets. Your terms™

The SX Wealth™ VolatilityEdge© system is the engine for SX Wealth Advisory Services—powering institutional-grade research and proprietary trading signal systems and technical indicators to inform human-curated briefings, drive advanced trading analysis, and deliver actionable next steps. 

Co-founder L. Glenn Lawrence, a commodity trading advisor and risk management & trading consultant, writes the SX Wealth crypto advisory’s daily commentary. 

SX Wealth’s crypto advisory shows users how to turn crypto market volatility into their greatest asset versus a conventional “buy and hold” strategy. In addition, SX Wealth’s 30-day trial subscription includes a free private consultation with Lawrence. 

Lawrence developed SX’s Wealth’s trading signals using the high-tech, old-school trend following models he created in 1998 and has used successfully for private global institutional and individual clients, primarily in the energy and financial derivatives markets. 

In 2018, co-founder Brett Holmes and Lawrence recruited a colleague of Lawrence’s, Damon Hart, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based commodity trading advisor and systems consultant. Hart collaborated in backtesting and optimizing SX Wealth’s algorithmic models specifically for crypto assets. The results exceeded expectations. 

Based on these findings, SX built a team, retaining a technical designer and programmer, a former tenured analyst for Goldman Sachs and crypto expert, and a content editor. SX also engaged an initial group of Beta-testers. For more than 30 months, SX Wealth’s team tested their web-based models for functionality, usability, reliability, and accuracy. 

“Too many investors mistakenly use a traditional ‘buy and hold’ strategy or try to use their own ‘crystal ball’ to make sense of crypto’s market volatility,” said Lawrence. “SX Wealth’s technical trading methodology provides a systematic way to buy and sell crypto that helps remove uncertainty, giving you a disciplined approach designed to make more from your investments while managing the crypto market’s wild swings.”

SX Wealth | Crypto Advisory’s models will cover Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether), and cover crypto’s top 50 coins starting in late summer.

SX International— Life on your terms™

SX International demystifies expat life, helping users identify and simplify strategies for “internationalizing” their lives. The channel offers digital books, reports, and briefs—inexpensive, easy-to-digest solutions for living and working anywhere in the world.

SX International’s digital products are sourced, written, and produced by Sovereign X team members who have lived, worked, run businesses, and raised children as expats. 

Digital products range from the ‘Ultimate Plan A Blueprint to an International Life’ to the ‘5 Best Global Second Passports [Third Edition]’ to 101 briefs and reports for top-ranked countries for expats, including editions written explicitly for prospective women expats. 

“SX International includes SX Expat Advisor, a free online assessment that provides the perfect starting point for becoming an expat,” said Holmes, an entrepreneur and marketing consultant who has spent the majority of his time since 2001 living and working from outside of the United States.

Holmes and Lawrence met in San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era town in the mountains of central Mexico, in November 2001. Holmes had recently moved from Los Angeles to San Miguel, seeking a better lifestyle for his young family following the dot-com bubble burst. They met during a visit by Lawrence, who was exploring a move from New York. Lawrence and his family relocated in August 2002.

Their commonality? Both Holmes and Lawrence were highly successful yet seeking to build a more rewarding lifestyle outside of the conventional for themselves and their families. 

Some 15 years later, they started work in earnest on the Sovereign X business model, convinced that there were significant growth opportunities in the crypto technical trading space and the expat and international living segment. Furthermore, they recognized important synergies among these demographics, thus their one platform, two-channel approach.

Sovereign X will formally launch in fall 2022.

For more information, contact Brett Holmes at [email protected] or +1 (713) 244-4178.